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Education and Certifications

Roshani graduated in 2000 from The University of Illinois at Chicago - College of Nursing with her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing with honorary status. For her higher education she attended a private University in Florida, South University where she received her Masters of Science in Nursing graduating with high honors.

Through the years, Roshani has received multiple certifications in Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Procedures. Some of the specialty focus areas besides facial balancing includes Lips & Peri Oral Area and Temples & Tear Troughs. Advanced training has prepared Roshani to understand gender and ethnic relevant differences with the effects of aging and being able to perform comprehensive and individualized patient assessments.

Further certifications include Lower Face Rejuvenation addressing Jowls and Submental Contouring and Mid-Face Volumization using Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers and Biostimulatory Injectables. Additional certifications include Advanced Neuromodular and Microtoxin placements.


Facial Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery

Roshani began her medical-nursing career in Head and Neck Surgery with primary focus on Facial Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery starting in 2000 immediately upon graduation from University of Illinois at Chicago. Her extensive background in Plastic Surgery from Chicago now provides her with a unique insight to her practice.

Roshani worked hand-in-hand with a Pioneer in the field of aesthetic eyelid surgery, specifically an expertise in the blepharoplasty-transconjunctival approach for under-eye bag removal and wrinkle reduction. Other procedures she assisted in included the Endoscopic and Direct Forehead Brow Lift, Full Face/Neck Lift, Otoplasty, Cheek/Chin Implants for Facial Balancing Restoration, Eyelid Surgery for Asian Eyes, Nostril Narrowing and Nasal Base Reduction for African Americans, Nasal Septal Reconstructions have helped Roshani to assist patient further in selecting their choice of aesthetic enhancements.

Roshani also co-directed a fellowship program with her Medical Director in Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery at the University of Chicago. She also coordinated with the University of Chicago for Live Surgery and Cadaver Workshops for Surgeons internationally. Having the diverse ethnic patient base exposure in her earlier years, has led Roshani to be more culturally competent to understand and address the specific needs, beliefs, and preferences of patients from various ethnic backgrounds. A diverse patient base challenges healthcare professionals to develop a deep understanding of different cultures, leading to better patient care.


Aside from Plastic Surgery, Roshani decided to immerse herself further in Surgery but different branches with exposures in Robotic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, General Surgery and later only focused on Neurosurgery for about two years. She served as a Mentor and Preceptor for New Hires for the Neurosurgery Trauma Team and worked along with the Chairman and Board Members of the Neurosurgery Team at ORMC.

Brain Aneurysms, Craniotomy for Tumor Resection, Deep Brain Stimulator Procedures for Parkinsons, Spine Surgeries and Neuro-Trauma Cases involving Gunshot Injuries to the Brain were cases she was consumed in.

The lifestyle of these cases along with hospital corporate politics became tolling while raising her son as a single-parent and decided to go back to only focusing on her first love, which is Plastic Surgery. In essence she went from ‘beauty’ to’ brains’ and ultimately back to ‘beauty’!


Aesthetic Approach

Her recommendations to her patients are founded on safety, directness, and optimal aesthetic outcomes. She believes that delivering exceptional results in facial rejuvenation and enhancement requires a deep understanding of facial anatomy and the components of aging that affect patients.

Her approach is grounded in this knowledge and is guided by the principle of comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy. She is a perfectionist by nature, which is apparent in her results. While she has extensive experience with the Allergan and Galderma injectable portfolios, she is always excited to expand her knowledge base.

Additionally, her love for art has played a key role in aesthetic medicine. “Roshani put your paint brush away and go study!” is what she heard from her parents throughout her childhood as art was her constant hobby. When she grew interested in medicine and pursued a career in nursing, she never dismissed her artistic side, but rather allowed her creativity to become an important part of her approach to holistic patient care.

Her experience working in aesthetics and plastic surgery has allowed her the opportunity to combine her passion for nursing with an artistic side. Roshani is honored when she can utilize her medical training, along with an artist’s eye, to provide patients with aesthetic services that not only rejuvenate their appearance but build their self-esteem and confidence. Roshani says,“I consider the human body to be the ultimate work of fine art and I feel a great sense of reward when I am able to help a patient meet their personal goals for improvement while maintaining natural looking results.”

Ethnicity and Culture

She’s not just another Patel. She’s Roshani Jayanti Patel. ‘Roshani’ is actually pronounced Rōsh nē. Jayanti being her father’s name. Roshani was born and raised in Chicago and comes from an Indian background. Specifically Gujarati. She is deeply rooted to her Indian Gujarati heritage when it comes to her palette as she will enjoy her Mom’s Dal Dokri and Kamand and her Masi’s Papdi No Lot and Debra. She also enjoys Chicken Makhani, Spicy Biryani, Vegetable Korma and Gulab Jamun all day long. Roshani has zero Gujarati writing skills but would rate her speaking skills as mediocre.

One of Roshani’s favorite Indian festivals she continues to celebrate is Raksha Bandhan. It’s a festival that celebrates sibling love. Raksha means ‘protection’ and Bandhan means‘to tie’. A thread bracelet is offered by the sister and ties this thread to the brother’s wrist as a symbol of love, protection and an eternal bond. In return, the brother gives gifts or a token of appreciation to the sister. This festival is not limited to biological siblings but it is also observed between cousins and close friends.


Personal Interests

Away from the office, Roshani enjoys cooking not only for herself but enjoys cooking for other people. She finds joy in feeding people. If you ever had an egg roti sandwich or any amazing dish of hers, consider yourself loved and lucky! Her love language is food.

She is a neat freak, organizer lover, everything must be labeled and orderly by color coordination or some kind of system. She loves to wear her outdated hair clips from the 1990's, enjoys writing personalized poems, and appreciates international traveling.

She also enjoys putting together jigsaw puzzles, specifically colorful food puzzles! Roshani is a Chicago Bears fan and is keeping her fingers crossed that one day the Super Bowl Shuffle song will make a debut.

Fun Facts

Fun facts about Roshani - she does not eat steak, but enjoys going to steakhouses for the ambiance. She does not know how to swim but enjoys the sights and sounds of water. She does not drink coffee or enjoy the taste of coffee, but you guessed it right - enjoys going to coffee houses!

She is a sweet tooth addict, luckily with no cavities. She enjoys anything from fine European chocolates, white chocolate raspberry cheesecakes and creme brulee to Twizzlers, Tootsie Rolls and a good old apple pie. She enjoys reading Architectural Digest or any magazine circling around Interior Home Designing but she also equally enjoys senseless Hollywood gossip on US Weekly Magazine.

Her all-time American favorite show would be I Love Lucy with Lucille Desiree Ball being her all-time favorite American actress. Lucille’s death of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm gave Roshani more insight with Neurosurgery when she faced the same tragedy in the Operating Room with a similar case.

One of Roshani’s lifetime highlights includes meeting Oprah Winfrey at the Water Tower in Chicago where she was gifted a box of chocolates at the same boutique they were shopping. Sitting next to Ahman Rashad Green from Green Bay Packers at the SuperBowl XLI when the Colts defeated the Bears was also pretty awesome (not the loss of course!). During one of her side hustle jobs, she worked as a cashier at a gas station where not only did she sell beer and cigarettes, but sold the winning scratch off lottery ticket - $10 Set for Life to a construction worker. The grand prize was $5000/month for 20 years but opted for $830,995 before taxes.



Roshani’s parents immigrated from India back in the 1970s and Chicago has been home since for them. Most of Roshani’s relatives are in Chicago, East Coast, California, London and India. She comes from a proud family background ranging from business owners, medicine, engineering, corporate positions, yoga instructors and even a French Pastry Chef in the family!

Her father is a retired Electrical Engineer who worked for one company for over 30 years. Her mother still continues to work at a residential service housing disabled adults and children who are wheel-chair bound. She assists these clients with their activities of daily living including bathing, toileting, eating and everyday life and recreational skills. She has been working for the same company for 37 years and still counting. Her parents would be described as hard workers who made many sacrifices when it comes to setting up a future for their two children. Roshani has one sibling - a younger brother practicing Radiology. He also resides in Chicago with his wife and two beautiful children.

Roshani is a mother to a 14 year-old handsome smart son and a girlfriend to a handsome Professional Golfer. Needless to say, both of these charismatic guys in her life have made her sacrifices entering the business aspect of her life easier. She is surrounded and blessed by an amazing and supportive family.

What Colleagues had to say

- Anthony James Geroulis, MD, Clinical Professor of Surgery, Medical Director Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery for NorthShore University HealthSystem.

“...In my position as a surgeon and clinical professor of surgery at The University of Chicago, I have had the opportunity to teach and work with many people. It goes without saying that in this day and age it is rare to come across individuals who3 are not only intelligent, but who possess a strong work ethic, and eagerness to learn, excel and make a difference. Which is why I am so impressed with Roshani. She worked closely with many doctors and surgeons during the numerous cadaver workshops and seminars at The University of Chicago. She was an asset to the entire organization. Roshani possesses a strong work ethic, an exemplary sense of ambition, has exceptional communications skills and is able to interact well with others. It was a big loss for the organization when she had to leave…”

- J. Kalkanis, MD, Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery

“...It was during my residency and fellowship training that I had the honor of working alongside Roshani. She builds great rapport and trust with her patients. She maintains this relationship and I have noted on a number of occasions patients specifically requesting her presence in the operating room. Her intellectual curiosity and eagerness to seek further knowledge and learn is truly remarkable. I can note a time when Roshani asked me to explain the nasal septal reconstruction operation on a more “detailed-physician-level". She was interested in the intercartilaginous, marginal and hemi-transfixion incisions which astounded me. She quickly absorbed this information and was able to apply it immediately. She was also very passionate about learning more on wound closure and requested a discussion and trial on suturing methods and advanced techniques of knot tying which she also quickly acquired. She enjoys interacting with patients, physicians and fellow faculty members. She is a person with substantial experience functioning in the professional world. It is no wonder why she achieved such esteem and trust at the University of Chicago…”

- David Crow, MD, PhD, Facial Plastic Surgery, Pediatric Otolaryngology, Head/Neck Surgery

“...Roshani is intelligent and able to grasp concepts she has previously not been exposed to in a quick manner. She asks the questions necessary to further clarify the situation. Roshani is both personal and compassionate with patients…”

- Irene Gan, DNP, APRN, FNP-C

“...Roshani is a people-oriented nurse practitioner. She is an advocate for her patients and always does her best for them. Roshani has good communication skills. She can convey her knowledge and clinical decisions very effectively to others…”

- Emily Morgan, NP-BC

“...She assisted the physician at my practice in a skin biopsy procedure in which he was thoroughly impressed with her knowledge of procedures and ability to provide excellent wound care to the patient. She was also able to assist me on ways to enhance our own medical weight loss program…”

J. Mahalek, Assistant Manager Surgery, Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery

“...The knowledge, caring and commitment that she demonstrated in the direct care of the patient is clearly evident. She is organized and efficient with excellent multi-tasking abilities. She is a critical thinker who utilizes her skills on a daily basis to troubleshoot and problem solve in our technological advanced environment. Roshani always went above and beyond with an exceptional attention to detail…”